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Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell

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The double-ended shear beam load cell is a convenient amalgamation of two single-ended (conventional) shear beam load cells into one physical device, giving the advantage of higher loading capacity and higher resistance to off centre loads and side forces.

The double-ended shear beam is often provided with purpose-designed mountings that allow the load to self-align with the load cell, to maximise performance and avoid parasitic stresses such as those that are often transferred to the load cell by temperature changes in the structures above and below the load cell.

Double-ended shear beams are most often used for high capacity installations such as silos, tanks, truck scales (weighbridges), railway scales and other heavy industrial processes.

Multiple load cell outputs are wired in parallel and their outputs are then summed to give the total load result. In the case of truck scales and other applications where the load can be positioned off-center, then it may be necessary to trim the outputs of the individual load cells so that the load result is the same, regardless of load position on the scale. Such devices are known as summing junction boxes or trimming boxes, and can be found in the electronics section of this website.
HM9B Dual Shear Beam
HM9B Dual Shear Beam

Capacity Range: 0 - 50t
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H9C Double Ended Shear Beam Loadcells
B9C Double Ended Shear Beam Load cell