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Pressure Transducers
Inscale Loadcells is moving!
We now sell loadcells through the Measurement Shop website.
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Suppliers of high quality, precision and reliable load cells. Inscale are leading the way in providing affordable transducers for the weighing market. Single point cells for scales, bending beams and shear beams for the process industry, S type load cells for force measurement and compression loadcells for weighbridges and tank farms.

Single Point Loadcell L6N - C3

Single Point Loadcell L6N - C3

Capacity from 3kg to 100kg

BESTSELLERS - OIML approved C3 class versatile load cells are now being used in a wide range of industrial applications, as well as trade approved machines. Improvements in sealing levels and increased capacity allows these units to be used in environments previously uncovered.

SUPERB FEATURES - Aluminium-Alloy IP65 single point Load Cell, colorless anodized, suitable for pricing scales, bench scales, small platform scales etc.

The Single Point Loadcell L6N - C3 From ONLY 64 +VAT and delivery.

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From 64 +VAT and delivery      >>  Buy Now 


Shear Beam BM8H

Shear Beam BM8H

Capacity from 500kg to 5.0t

VERY POPULAR LINE - These loadcells are made from stainless steel, versatile and have a proven high level of reliability. Suitable for platform scales, track scales, hopper scales and other electronic weighing devices. IP68 waterproof sealing allows these units to be used in the harshest of environments.

MANY FEATURES - Including: Stainless steel construction, IP68 Sealing, OIML C3 approved Shear Beam Load Cell, highly reliable. Available in capacities up to 5 tonne.

The Shear Beam BM8H Loadcells £162 +VAT and delivery.

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From 162 +VAT and delivery       >>  Buy Now 


Shear Beam H8C Shear Beam H8C
OIML Approved C3 Class Alloy steel IP67 Shear Beam Load Cell. Nickel plated, adhesive-sealed. Suitable for floor scales, hopper scales and other electronic weighing devices.

More Details 95 +VAT

Single Point Cells L6D Single Point Cells L6D
OIML Approved Class C3 Aluminum-alloy single point Load Cell. Adhesive sealed. Suitable for balances. Recommended platform size: 200x200mm.

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Range from 35kg to 200kg,   58.00 +VAT

Watch out for other great deals on the new web site, such as multi-buy options, quantity discounts, free delivery on some models and money off vouchers for repeat business.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in providing the best transducers to meet your requirements at affordable prices.

We understand our customers needs and have adapted the load cell range to suit the high demands in quality, reliability all at realistic prices.

Please browse the various categories to find the transducer that meets your criteria. If you cannot find the right one or you would prefer us to recommend one then please use the contact form or call us on +44 (0)845 835 0255.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.